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Why the gloomy state?

Published:Sep 28, 2021

If the power to control the mind and the thoughts that go inside it are within my capacity, then is it not correct that I can equally maintain either a gloomy state or a cheerful one despite the other conditions of my life? And if it is so, then why the gloomy state?

I understand that the negative outlook and pessimistic views about the future of the world can give rise to a gloomy state, but if it is in my control to maintain the state of the mind, then why maintain a gloomy state instead of a cheerful one? Why not just remain calm, cool, serene and equipoised? After all, if I will not maintain this state, then who else will?

There is no guarantee that the situations and circumstances will always be favourable to give rise to a positive state of the mind, but there is guarantee that if you are able to manage the state of your mind then no matter whatever may be the outward situations you can certainly maintain the state of serenity. So my question is, if you are equally capable of both, why not maintain a cheerful state of the mind instead of a gloomy one?