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The truth will enlighten you

Published:Aug 11, 2020

We are naturally born into ignorance. Ignorance is our default mode. Ignorance simply doesn’t mean being devoid of knowledge and information, it also means being in the trap of wrong knowledge and wrong information. Driven by these wrong knowledge we believe and accept many different things and views about this world, our lives and the whole existence. But when you know the truth and realise it, all the bondage shatters down. You experience the bliss of freedom. You experience the bliss of knowledge. That is when you get enlightened.

My dear friends and the seekers of the truth, for a very long time you have been under the burden of not knowing the truth. For a very long time you have been under false knowledge and wrong notions. But it appears that the time of living in ignorance is coming to an end and the time for you to get enlightened has arrived. Are you ready to know the truth? Are you ready to be free? Then wait not, go on to read “The Absolute Truth” book. It will give you clarity. It will give you direction. And when you will realise the truth there in, you will become free, you will become enlightened.

For quite a long time the truth remained unnoticed never coming to the lime light. But the transformation and transition of the current century is in progress. A new generation of enlightenment is going to prevail. Keeping that in view the time for the truth to come into light has arrived. The time for getting enlightened has now come. So you are now only a book away from knowing the ultimate truth about the existence and as well as God. My dear friend, do not consider this text as a marketing pitch, nor as a sales propaganda. It is for the benefit of us all that the truth is being now promoted and preached, but in a restrained way. Now it is up to you whether you go on to get enlightened or stay ignorant all your remaining lives. Make the wise choice.

Too busy to read the book? Get the gist of who God is in this audio version of the truth:\_ZbY