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Heart for sell

Published:Oct 17, 2021

I long to be free, I long to be able to do with my time what I feel is truly purposeful. But I have sold my freedom for the safety and survival of my dependents. I have in a sense, sold my heart, sacrificed it, crushed it. But they for the sake of whom I have given away my desires appreciate it not, recognize it not. They take this for granted for they think it is my job to do so, but I know not since when it has become the job of anyone to sell his heart, sell his freedom. I thought we were done with slavery, but realize now that we have only formulated a new form it. Chaos prevails under the vailed cover of sophisticated order. What an irony this life is, you trade your heart for survival and in surviving you long for happiness and joy. But where is joy and happiness without the heart to feel for? Where is life without freedom? I wonder what we have grown into, I wonder what we have become!