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God can only be a well wisher

Published:Feb 21, 2021

You have to understand that for God you are not some other person. For God you are His part, you are His child. You may have the delusion that God is not yours or you are of not God’s. But God doesn’t have this delusion or confusion. So whatever He does for you is never in your bad interest, whatever He does for you is always in your good interest even if to your mind it doesn’t make any sense. You have to understand this fact first, otherwise you will be wailing and complaining against God all your life without ever making any progress to strengthen the relation. Since to God you are not someone outsider or belonging to someone else, He can only be a well wisher for you. Nothing He can ever do that is in your bad interest or to harm you. This fact you should realize first and having realized it stop complaining about your life, events, failures, etc. and start strengthening this eternal relation.