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Dangers of Democracy

Published:May 5, 2021

The problem of how to run a country has many possible solutions. You can run it through dictatorship, run it through communism or you can run it through democracy as well. Democracy is however a recent development for a country like India which used to be run or dictated by kings. During freedom we however opted to run it through the process of democracy. Why? May be because our leaders then simply wanted India to be like the countries of the west which were doing good by being run by democracy.

Power to the people is certainly a very noble and desirable concept. In fact, we humans fought hard in the past to earn it because few humans in power were causing problem to all other people. However, what happens when people in democracy start putting similar kind of problem causing or ineligible people to power? What’s the point of democracy then? So you see, democracy works and does wonder when people put the right people in power, otherwise its only dangerous and useless.

See the irony of democracy for example in the latest Kerala 2021 assembly polls. Any body would have expected E. Sreedharan to win given his excellent track record, fame and Padma Bibhusan status. But I was quite amazed to learn that he lost. I am not sad because in my last post I wrote so high about him as a guru, but because this dangerous thing about democracy that we always knew was only being affirmed. See the irony that the person whom the government awarded and recognized for his service and contribution to the people is prevented by a majority of people to be part the government so that he can serve the people. This is the dangerous aspect of democracy where only on the basis of headcount any candidate can get into government.

In democracy people only get the government they deserver. If people are educated, smart and civilised, then they contribute and bring in such a government. If people on the other hand are easily manipulatable, purchasable or less smart and civilised then they will contribute to bring in a government that serves people less but itself more. After all, people have sold their power to question by being naïve and misinformed. Democracy works better in few other west countries because their people do not sell their votes rather the candidates purchase it with their service, since they know what kind of people are going to vote.

A country where the highest honoured citizens do not get a chance to serve the citizens through a process run by the citizens is certainly not getting the benefit of the process. You might say I am saying all these because I am biased for E. Shreedharan and saddened by the results, but if you know me or have read my writings, you know the unbiased state of my mind. The reason I am saying or wiring this is because it reminds me of the dangerous aspect of democracy that Plato had once described. Below is a video about what Plato, I am afraid may be had rightly, said about democracy in:

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