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Loneliness perhaps

Published:Mar 23, 2021

In this lonely world,
what blessing is a true friend,
Those who are lucky,
a true friend they do obtain.

My luck has gone south,
lo behold my empty fate,
Lonely sure I was born,
in loneliness I do remain.

Bereft of friends that I am,
with stones and woods I talk in vain,
When befriended idols of stone and wood,
from the mute God what else can I gain.

He is happy with His friends,
while another rots in pain,
When fate itself has betrayed one,
What good can do the Lord of the fates.

What a dilemma it is,
whom should I curse for my fractured fate,
Either way you are done ‘Shunyananda’,
loneliness perhaps is your only true friend.