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Give me your embrace

Published:Dec 12, 2021

Give me your embrace, O Mother!
I am a child without love,
Crying for solace, I am in pain,
Would you cast mercy on this wretched soul!

With a broken heart I have lived life,
Broken so I have become,
Who would I turn to in this loveless world,
If not to you O Mother!

You are the source of all the life,
So also of this broken soul,
Even if I have forgotten you,
Have you forgotten this foolish son?

For love I wandered, for love I suffered,
but found love here nowhere at all,
Life has become now so unbearable,
I have given up the search forever.

Only in you I have now put my faith,
For you are the divine mother,
May ‘Shunyananda’ be not worthy of love,
But how can you be without compassion!